Ever since I was a little girl I would give voices to my dolls including both Barbie and Ken and to my stuffed animals. Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams were my heroes! I would try out all these versatile voices with my family and school friends much to their delight. My mother was a sensational MIMIC and I inherited that talent. I loved acting and writing sketches. Thus the creation of Carole’s many character voices and a professional actor’s life. Meryl Streep , Cate Blanchett and I have versatile voices!

As a professional actor, I bring a variety of talents to all of my work. I can do whatever the client needs, whether that is using my regular voice or breaking into characters and accents.

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My sound has been decribed as warm rich & elegant, conversational and witty. I also do accents and speak fluent French.

I partner with Deborah Richards at In A World Studios for voice coaching and voice demo building

and am represented by Jeffrey Umberger, Atlanta Models and Talent Agency and Desanti Group.


I can give you any sound or age you need:
Sexy & Fun for commercials, baby, child, middle age female and senior female.
I also offer accents, characters, dialects and I am fluent in French as well


I am a New York trained actor with experience in stage, film and television. I have worked with greats like Angela Landsbury, Raul Julia, Tommy Tune
and more!

E-learning & Documentaries

Smooth and professional for presentations, doumentaries and
e-learning jobs. As much fun as I can bring to your commerical I can also be wry and intelligent for narrations.

My Demos

Here are my various demos for you to sample and enjoy!

Commercial Demo

Character Demo

E-Learning Demo

IVR Demo

Audio Books Demo

French Demo

Narration Demo

Film Narration Demo

Clients & Raves

Here are some folks I've done work for and what they're saying!

"Timely delivery, brilliant execution, and high quality audio. What was really thrilling for us was that we were able to target a specific age, gender, and even body type of the character - and have Carole bring all those features to life perfectly. We consider ourselves beyond lucky to have had the chance to work with Carole., and look forward to working with her in the future."
Joanne and Milos | JOVIAN AUDIO - Custom music and sound design

"Thank you for helping us turn around our Porsche project on such a tight deadline. The client was pleased and for this we are satisfied. Thank you for making yourself available at such short notice. Perhaps we will have an opportunity to work again."
Bob Mahoney | Bob Mahoney Pictures

"Carole was a pleasure to work with. She delivered high quality audio in a timely fashion and took direction well. She brought true life to the character we needed and this project would not have been the success that it was without her vocal creativity."
Nicole Rose | Memorial Hermann Health System

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Plese use the form to email me or call me at 404-433-2433

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